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Cosmetic Cream

Application order

Quick tip to make sure you're getting your moneys worth from your products

Best Product Application

The order in which you apply your products actually makes a difference to how much your product penetrates into the skin. 
First you want to make sure you have cleansed your skin. No, JUST removing your makeup is NOT cleansing. There is a lot of leftover makeup and oil in the pores that need to be cleaned out. 
Next apply your toner. Toner is important to balance out the PH of your skin.
Eye cream comes in next, using your ring finger very gently TAP, don't rub, the cream into your under eye.
Serum is next for better penetration.
Moisturizer can be dabbed onto your face or hands and then patted into the skin.
Last but MOST important please please use sunscreen everyday.

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